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Melody Jordan Fucking The Football Coach

melody jordan innocent high

Melody Jordan wants to be on the football team. Coach Cummings things she is there to be a cheerleader, or at most maybe a place kicker. But she wants to tackle people, and the coach isn’t getting it. She tries to tackle him once, and it doesn’t work, so then she moves on to a better way to knoc him down, grabbing his cock and squeezing until he is about crying lying on the floor. She might have hurt him, so Melody Jordan gets to work kissing it better, sucking his cock and making the coach understand that sometimes it’s other skills that make the game work. Plenty of hot fucking here, Melody Jordan is one hell of a hot fuck and the coach has been working out and he lays the pipe to this schoolgirl bigtime! He ends up blowing his load all over her firm tits, the perfect target!

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