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Schoolgirl Evi Foxs Fucks Her Teacher On Valentines Day

svi fox schoolgirl

Evi Fox is a thoughtful girl, she really cares about her teacher and wants to make sure everything is okay, even on Valentines day:

I feel soooo bad for Mr. McClain. He puts in such loooongggg hours and always makes sure the student body is in tip top shape! I was snooping around the other day and couldn’t believe his girl dumped him on Valentine’s Day. I asked Mr. McClain if he wanted to be my Valentine, the catch was he had to fuck me in class as hard and as fast as he could. So on this Valentine’s day, I got cum all over my tits, what did you do?

I would love to fuck this schoolgirl hard and fast too, she’s got a super hot body and she looks really hot taking cum all over her tits too!

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