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Chase Ryder Fucking On Teachers Desk

here’s some hotness from Innocent High that will keep you drooling! Chase Ryder does what no good girl should ever do in school, getting fucked on the teacher’s desk! Chase Ryder is a good little girl who doesn’t think of jamming cocks down her throat too often. Unless she’s really tempted by her Study Hall teacher at Innocent High. She couldn’t get the thought of cock off her mind and we’re glad she couldn’t because it turns out Chase Ryder isn’t so innocent after all. Let’s keep tempting this teen to do a whole lot more for us. Fucking awesome set with plenty of oral in both directions, Chase Ryder loves to get her schoolgirl pussy licked out, that is […]

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There is something about petite Asian Schoolgirls that is enough to drive any many wild, and super petite tiny tits Amai Liu is one of those girl who drives men totally nuts. This classic hot scene from Innocent High has this hot little Asian girl getting a total boning, she’s so small you want to check her ID twice because this girl is all of about 90 pounds soaking wet (and yeah, she gets very wet!) but she can handle a pretty darn big cock with total pleasure. The teacher catches her sleeping and can’t resist a peek up her skirt, and as she wakes up he feeds is big cock right into her mouth. She’s down with the big […]

Schoolgirl Marina Angel Rides Teachers Big Cock

Marina Angel is a super sexy schoolgirl, but she is also pretty naughty. So when she gets caught being a bad girl, she figures the best way out of the problem is to fuck her way out of the problem! We have zero tolerance at Innocent High for any students who are caught doing drugs. Unfortunately, I had to explain this policy to Marina Angel. A petite redhead whom I caught smoking weed in the classroom. As serious as an offense it was, I could always “forget” about it as long as she dropped down and gave me something to forget about it. After I caught her hitting the joint, she was gonna have to let me hit it. Hot […]

Carmen Callaway Fucking In Study Hall

Carmen Callaway is a schoolgirl with a bit of a reputation for making the teachers very happy, if you know what I mean. She loves to wear short skirts and drive them wild, and then use that to get herself better grades. She usually isn’t all that interested in the other students, but well, sometimes guys get lucky, especially when they are left alone in the Innocent High study hall: Carmen Callaway usually isn’t this big of a slut in class unless you’re the teacher but somehow her clasmate was able to convince her to lick his apple and then put the pound on this petite little schoolgirl slut. It’s certainly a hot fucking session, Carmen Calloway has sexy tiny […]

Coach Gets Teen Schoolgirl For His Birthday

Now this is the way to get a really good present. Forget the big party, get yourself some teen schoolgirl pussy: Bummer dude, no one showed up to Coach Cummings’ birthday but dude got way luckier instead. This sweet little adorable teen just so happened to drop by his class and she gave him a chi chi for his birthday. What’s a Chi Chi? Well let’s just say it can turn the lamest birthday ever into the greatest birthday ever. Not bad, Coach, not bad at all He fucks her good and solid too, this horny schoolgirl loves his big cock in her teen pussy and her fucks her twat hard right on the desk. This teen schoolgirl cums repeatedly […]

OMG I Fucked The New Guy At School LOL

OMG! Chrissy Nova usually isn’t so slutty but she was super into this dude at school and was ready to give it up! It was dudes first day and he already got laid! Chrissy is fucking adorable and has some nice tits, and the new guy is pretty turned on checking out her deep cleavage. Well, soon enough he bends her over the desk and starts fucking her right there, not even bothering to take any clothes off, it’s a straight up fuck now deal. She slows him down a bit turns and giving him a nice blowjob and then it back to fucking, this time totally naked and very intense! It’s a hardcore school fuck scene, OMG he’s got […]

Schoolgirl Emily Austin Gets Creampied

Schoolgirl Emily Austin has always thought the coach is a hunk, plenty of muscles and all, but she never thought to do anything. But one day she gets detention, and she is all alone and he is the one supervising. Well, she gets a little randy, he gets a little excited, and soon the coach is between her legs licking out her schoolgirl pussy! Then it’s on for some hot fucking, with her uniform still on, and he really pounds her shaved twat hard. This barely legal high school girl cums repeatedly as he pounds away, and he finally lets loose a big load of cum in her pussy, on her pussy, and on her tummy too… this is one […]

Veronica Radke Social Humping Day

I will be honest with you, I can’t truly figure out the premise of this one, let’s review the story as posted: Richard was tired of Veronica fucking up his name in class so he had to punish this misbehaving teen! Of course….with some D in her after school to really get the point across! Plus, it was social humping day so he really wanted her to understand the lesson at hand. What I do understand here is that we have a hot schoolgirl basically somewhat forced into fucking her teacher to avoid getting a bad grade, and really enjoying his big cock deep in her tight twat. Excellent stuff from sexy Venorica Radke as the Innocent High student, she […]

Schoolgirl Nicole Ferrera Blowjob Session

Nicole Ferrera is a horny Latina schoolgirl with a killer body and she isn’t shy to get nasty. Check out her wild story of her blowjob session that goes further: Ewww, what’s up with Mr. St Croix’s new stache? He looks like SUCH a creeper. Spring break is over…which means school is back in session and that means its blowjob season! I was blowing Mr. St. Croix for a good grade and all of the sudden Coach Cummings barges in! He didn’t really say much but it was pretty hot blowing St. Croix under the desk. Then suddenly Mr. St Croix says I’ll have to do a little more to keep HIM quiet? WTF dude? Didn’t I just suck your […]

Schoolgirl Monica Rise Cock For Detention

Here’s sort of a nutty scene featuring sexy Monica Rise as a hot schoolgirl who wants fries and cock… in no particular order: Monica was sick of eating boring ass, healthy lunch every week at Innocent High and protested against the school. Naturally, we had to send her to detention to show her a lesson or two about her health and defying authority at school. To fuck with her and get a rise out of her, I ate some junk food in front of her at detention. I guess this got her horny because Monica Rise was willing to do whatever it takes to get my junk food. Or maybe it was my big cock she wanted to eat. It […]